Systemic challenges require systemic solutions

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what is #fixtherules?

CLIMATE CHANGE; we can no longer afford to answer inconvenient truths with convenient fantasies.

During the pandemic, governments used extraordinary measures to quickly flatten the infections curve.

Now, governments must fix the rules of capitalism to address the greenhouse gas emissions curve.

a tale of two curves

covid-19 and climate change

Covid Virus Climate

Science told us to flatten the curve of infections before it was too late.

curve of covid 19 rise and fall

We achieved this through systemic reforms led by government.

closing schools, restricting travel, mask mandates

curve of covid 19 rise and fall

Science also tells us to rapidly flatten the curve of greenhouse gas emissions.

climate change curve

We can also achieve this through systemic reforms led by governments.

Fining polluters, vehicle emissions limits, energy efficiency standards

climate change curve


It’s time to #FixTheRules